Templates & Partials

Templates and partials are both stored in one object (exposed as Eta.templates).

Loading templates / partials

If you just call render or compile with name or filename in options, Eta will load your template.

Defining Partials

Eta.templates.define("my-partial", Eta.compile("This is a partial speaking"))
Eta.render('... <%~ include("my-partial") %>', {})
// ... This is a partial speaking
// To call a partial w/ data:
Eta.templates.define("my-partial-2", Eta.compile("Name: <%= it.name %>"))
'... <%~ include("my-partial-2", {name: it.name}) %>',
// The 2nd argument passed to `include` is the data. You could also pass `it` to forward all data
{ name: "Ben" }
// ... Name: Ben